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Scarlet & Wildflower's 2007 CDT Adventure

Catch a slide show of pix from our trip


Well it's ready!!!!!! The DVD is ready for your viewing.


We filmed the entire trip on video and have worked hard making our documentary. We are pleased to announce it's ready! So, if you are interested, we are taking orders. Our documentary is loaded with information about our thru hike on the CDT.

The journey is presented with lighthearted entertainment through hard times and our perseverance on this wild and remote trail. Don't miss out on the action and insight to a trail less traveled along the Great Divide and the crown jewel of the United States' long distance hiking trails.

Happy trails!

DVD Price: your donation is graciously accepted!

How to get our DVD:

  1. Email your mailing address to jessicawinters@mac.com
  2. Make a donation on PayPal



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